Nirvana Asia Group provides a comprehensive funeral services and packages for your departed loved ones.
Let us provide you the very best care and help you through this difficult time.


Our service is available in the northern region of Malaysia, including Penang Island, Bukit Mertajam & Sungai Petani.

Imperial Family Burial Plot

Burying loved ones follows the belief of returning the body to the original place it came from: the soil. With breathtaking scenic views, the deceased can peacefully move on.

Boundless Family Burial Plot

This simplistic ancient design honours all the dutiful actions the deceased has done in their lifetime, engraved in stone for all the future generations to see.

Tranquil Burial Plot

An area of tranquillity for all the deceased’s burdens love one to leave behind and finally find peace.

Single And Double Plot

Situated on a hill, surrounded by trees. This burial ground calms one’s mind and soul and starts the loved one’s peaceful departure to a better place.

Christian Memorial Garden

A place built to mimic heaven, this memorial garden is the final resting ground’s for the deceased.

Prosperous Columbarium

With detailed carvings and placements, this place inspires to bring prosperity and comfort for the future generation.

Modern Columbarium

A design that is never outdated, this modern columbarium provides soothing comfort for both the living and the deceased.

Historical Chinese Columbarium

A detailed work of art created by Nirvana Asia Group to commemorate the deceased and wish them a pleasant departure.

The Courtyard Columbarium

A peaceful moment preserved in time, this courtyard reflects the endless tranquillity provided to the deceased loved one.

Christian Columbarium

A spacious and well-thought-out area for Christians to peacefully ascend to heaven.

Burial Plot For Urn

Providing a safe-haven filled with peacefulness, your love one can rest easily. It also provides you with a peace-of-mind that their grave will be careful taken care of.

NV Seed

Taking into consideration the meanings behind Chinese beliefs, a stone dragon-turtle symbolizes a peace of mind, success and longevity for the love one’s next life.

Ancestral Tablet

These tablets have an enormous significance as it is a way to worship your ancestors. In the past, ancestral tablets were highly treasured.

Baby Paradise

A baby burial ground surrounded by lubricious greenery which encourages comfort and healing while providing a peace of mind for the family.

Pet Memorial Garden

A treasured pet needs a resting ground that immortalizes all the nostalgic memories you and your pet have created through its life.

Never Too Early To Prepare For The Inevitable

Every farewell to honor life, is made precious by caring hands.